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Manabloc loss of pressure

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  • Manabloc loss of pressure

    Please Help... I just moved into a new house and i have a problem with my hot water pressure.. The House has a Vanguard MANABLOC®. plumbing system that i know nothing about... when i first had the water turned on, the water pressure was good.. since the water has been turned on the hot water pressure has dropped dramatically.. it is barely flowing.. so i was wondering if there is a screen on the water inputs of the Manabloc? or How can i fix my problem??

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    If you have a tankless heater, that's where I would check first. There's an inlet filter that needs to be cleaned and your heater needs to be flushed on a regular / annual basis. Do you have any filters or water treatment for your plumbing or heater?

    How long have you lived there?

    How long was it good for and bad for?

    what does the builder, developer have to say.

    phoebe it is