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    I'm trying to locate what I thought were called Nut Wrenches? They look just like a regular pipe wrench except the jaws are smooth? The advantage is they do not leave teeth marks on hexagon type nuts and as I work with a lot of aluminium nuts these get marked up very easily. I travel a lot so I need light weight tools, and I'm looking for a 18" long Nut Wrench? Is there anybody that can direct me to where I can find these wrenches?

    Thanks, Tai

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    Sounds like you need a monkey wrench. Like a pipe wrench, but with smooth jaws. have not seen a new one in a long time. Plenty selling on ebay, and cheap. Look here.
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      Here is a link to our catalog page that has the smooth jaw wrenches listed on it. I hope this is of assistance.


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        I think you're looking for either a Hex Wrench or a Spud Wrench. Not sure but the Hex may be available in an Aluminum model.

        The Spud wrench (above) comes in only one size that I know of, there are a couple different sizes for the Hex model (below).


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          What size nuts are you talking about? Although I own a set of Ridgid spud wrenches, If you are dealing with soft metal nuts you may need box end wrenches tepending on how much torque you need to apply.

          For mor info please provide more information.

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            i use the ridgid e110 model wrench for traps and flushometer valves. only about 10'' long but will grip 2 5/8''. this works great for almost any nut that doesn't require excessive torque.

            the 36''hex wrench i use for 3'' union nuts.
            not sure if ridgid makes a smooth jaw aluminum hex wrench.


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