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    About five (5) years ago, I installed a fiberglass sink in my new kitchen. Over the past five years, one side of my sink has stains that I cannot remove and small hair line cracks. It looks terrible

    I checked into having someone come in an possibly fix the sink but I was not able to locate anyone that does sinks, they all do showers and tubs.

    I have decided to install a new sink but I'm concerned that when I installed my fiberglass sink I used an adhesive and I do not want to tear my formica counter top up removing it. What is the best way to remove my sink without doing any damage?


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    Well there are a couple of ways to repair your sink. I Would consider repairing the sink before replacing it. You would do a gelcoat repair. Repair are fairly simple and don't take much time. Any fiberglass (person) can do gelcoat work. RL