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    how do you guys drain/vent an island sink on a rambler over a basement. Several years ago I got in an argument with a woman inspector over an island vented kitchen sink. She held a residential journeyman card and had plumbed for several different companies. Most of our inspectors over on the east side of WA don't have a clue what they're lookin at. They check the pressure gauge on the water side, look for nail plates on the studs and make sure the waste is full of water. This woman had some knowledge and so was somewaht dangerous.
    This sink was located over a large family room and had 11 7/8 tgi joists. I know the code for island vented fixtures, but there wasn't enough depth to run the drain at 1/4 per foot down the joist bay 12 feet to the nearest wall and take the foot vent 8 feet perperdicular to the drain to the nearest partition wall on the main floor. I think I made an h-fitting(wye and st 45) horizontal and put the foot vent 2x1 1/2 tee on a st 90. Remember the foot vent had to go horizontal so I couldn't drill the top 1 1/2 of the tji. Most of the plumbers in the area just put studor vents in (air admittance valves), put I thought my system w/ the h-fitting would work better.
    Does iapmo of the upc publish an alternative method for these types of fixtures?