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K38 & K39 Differences

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  • K38 & K39 Differences

    What is the difference between the K38 & K39 hand drain cleaners??

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    There are a few differences between the K-38 and K-39. One is the way the drum front comes off to change the cable. On the K-38 you had to back the four screws off completely before you could access the drumm. On the K-39 they only have to be backed off a few turns. The inner drum in the K-39 has a larger inner cone to help resist cable flip over. The biggest difference between the two is that the K-39 has the option of coming with a power feed, or it can be upgraded to accept a power feed. If a customer has a K-38, they can purchase a retrofit kit to upgrade their K-38 to accept a power feed. I hope this information is of some help to you


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      Thanks Adam for the reply. I had an opportunity to buy what I thought was a K-38 but when I bought it I saw that it was a K-39 so I guess I'm up with the times. Now just let one of those drains clog up and I'm ready!