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    I have a R-12 drop-head threader set which I love. I received it from my father when he passed away so I don't know the complete history. My problem is the 1/2" NPT threader head does not cut the threads deep enough to get a fitting to even start. I purchased new cutters and matched up the numbers on the housing when I assembled the head.

    This doesn't happen on any of the other pipe sizes.

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    Make sure that you are stopping the die head in the correct position when threading. The correct position is when the dies are flush with the end of the pipe. If you are already doing this, than I would suggest taking a look at the coverplate. Sometimes as these die heads wear, the tabs that the dies rest against become worn and cause the dies to sit too far back in the die head, this in turn causes the dies to remove less material and therefore give you and oversize thread. I hope this is of some assistance.