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Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

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  • Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

    Landlord calls plumber who foolishly tries to repair a leak without first turning the water off. He did not want to pay the $150 water shut-off fee and instead causes over $10,000 in damage to two apartments.

    Sorry to funny not to share


    Happy new year!

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    Now that's funny


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      That was just too funny!


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        I didn't find it funny at all.

        That looked like a full blowout on a stop that was likely beyond his control or fault. Maybe one of those speed/push on ones that should be outlawed to be sold or manufactured in my opinion. Think this can't happen to you? It can.

        At the start of the video there is what looks like a new Delta faucet in the hall. Betting he was there for a simple faucet replacement, touched the shutoff under the cabinet, and all hell broke loose.

        Secondly, I'm not really sure this is a plumber. More than likely, a handyman of sorts. I can think of several things to get this under control quicker if it comes to this but won't mention here. Why? They should call a licensed & insured plumber.

        If he's not a plumber then the title of the video and this story should remove that word from it 'cause it is insulting to plumbers.

        Finally, the title insinuates the plumber (or the landlord) didn't want to pay the $150.00 shut off fee. I have watched the video a couple of times and hear the young lady say something about this, but can't make out who she is referring too as not wanting to pay. And would you always pay $150.00 when you replace faucets?

        So to summarize it looks like:

        An unlicensed plumber.
        A fitting broke that likely was beyond his control that could have happened to anyone.
        Someone didn't want to pay a shutoff fee but we don't know why or who.

        And some people trying represent it that a real plumber didn't want to pay $150.00 and caused a lot of problems as a result. That's just being a liar if so.

        Prove me wrong.


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          That Plumber is in hot water!


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            In my opinion it was a plumber. Not too many handymen carrying around a whole chain of slip joint nuts and washer. I also feel he did nothing wrong while changing the faucet. Since the water was blowing straight out, it meant the stop blew off. I doubt changing a 3/8" compression connection would blow off a stop, unless the stop was already compromised.

            I do remember that there are push pull shut offs, and it's possible that the push pull guts blew out. The plumber was trying to shove it back in. That's why it would cycle on/off.

            The shop vac hose was a good idea, but that too had a hole in the hose, not that that made much difference at this point.

            And that was not hot water. It was cold and lots of pressure. Probably a 1/2" stub coming off of a 1" or larger risers. Looks to be a highrise building, possibly multiple pressure zones.

            Could have happened to anyone of us and I was an expert in a similar case a few years ago that also wiped out a unit when a copper joint let go as the building maintenance man went to shut off a hot water return line on a second floor unit. (13 story building) Flooded the first floor unit. Both the building and second floor unit owner was sued and paid off the 1st floor after several years of legal jockeying. It got down to the specifics of the hoa cc&r. Of course all the original evidence was lost or destroyed, so all I had to go on was photos, interviews and depositions.

            phoebe it is


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              I can't see what was left of the pipe but if I was a plumber after seeing that, I'd carry a shark bite type shut off at all times. Slide it on and then shut it off! Just my thoughts. Poor guy, I'm with Rick and other sympathizers.


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                Wow. Seems a bit odd they already had that carpet machine ready to suck up the water - unless the water had been coming out for a while when the video started. It seems like everyone did not even seem to know where the water shutoff was.


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                  Any more information on this? I still don't think it was a plumber. What legal plumber installs faucets at night in residential?


                  • Bob D.
                    Bob D. commented
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                    Plumbers no longer make house calls in the evening or at night?
                    I remember doing it but that was 38 years ago, times have changed I guess.

                  • BobsPlumbing
                    BobsPlumbing commented
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                    Absolutely. All kinds of things are done 24 hours. Leaks, main breaks, backups, water heaters, etc.

                    However, almost no plumber that I know of runs into a faucet that must be installed in a residential setting at night. That's why I worded my comment in that manner.

                    Maybe more people were willing to pay time and half or double time 38 years ago for something like this.

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                  Bob, it's dark here by 4pm during December


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                    Originally posted by Alphacowboy View Post
                    Bob, it's dark here by 4pm during December
                    Understood. And that would be a good point in many areas. However, the current sunset time in Lake Forest, California-is around 5 p.m. (The site I found says 4:58:28 pm. How do they get that close?!)

                    Everything so far points to exactly what I've said.


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                      Hahaha, you guys crack me up


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                        "How do they get that close?!"

                        "They have an abacus."

                        Probably more accurate than me with a calculator.


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                          For me it is not a laughing situation, I lived his desperation watching him. It never happened to me as the first thing I do when I arrived at any situation is to look for a "working main water valve, gas and electrical" and, if there is no help, I will be sure to have a clear passage to those. Feel sorry for this working man!


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                            And I applaud Rick and the other sympathizers, my hat to you Rick.