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Is a Ridgid K-40 Up to This

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  • Is a Ridgid K-40 Up to This

    I'm thinking of getting a Ridgid K-40 sink machine to clean out the pipes of my house. Drains as well as vents, almost all of which have issues. The machine comes with a 5/16" X 35 feet cable. I will almost certainly need to run a 3/8" X 35 foot cable with a cutter of some sort to properly clean out some of my lines. (35 feet is good for my house, every drain/vent/cleanout is within that range of another drain/vent/cleanout.)

    Is the K-40 up to this? Ridgid sells the 3/8" cable as an accessory, which implies that it should be fine, but I still have to wonder about it.

    Any experience or insight into this would be welcome.



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    The answer is yes and no.

    yes the machine will spin the cable down the 1.5'' -3'' lines, but will it clean them out of crud? no.

    it takes a combination of cable, cutter, power, speed, experiance and knowledge to do a proper job.

    The k-40 will open up a hair stoppage and some slight sludge in a smaller line, but it will not tackle what you're asking about properly cleaning out everything. Plus i doubt that your vents actually need the cleaning you think they do.

    A k-50 with 5/8'' sectional cable will do a much better job for slightly more money.

    A k-400 will also do a decent job if you have both 3/8'' and 1/2'' cable. might even be less money than a k-40.

    if your pipes are plastic, then maybe a k40 will work, but if they are a combination of gal steel and cast iron, you're spinning your wheels with a k40 in doing anything more than passing a cable through a pipe.

    phoebe it is


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      K40 doesn't seem like it has enough butt behind it, I have one on my work truck the k40af but the auto feed is slow and sometimes hard to negotiate traps. I had better luck with my k45af which seemed faster and little more power feeling to me. I tend to use my Spartan 100 for lots of calls lately, waiting on my new sectionals to come in still. Also forgot to mention the rigid k3800, I have used that machine an I liked it.
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        Thanks for the replies. Yes, my pipes are galvanized iron. House built in 1964, so lots of rust.

        I have already a K-39AF, but it came with only 25'. When I used it with 35' to get to the blockage, it burned out when it got into the gunk. It's a pretty good machine for small stuff, so I ordered the replacement parts to fix it. Worth it. But, that was why I was questioning the K-40. I didn't want to go down the same path again.

        A while back a plumber told me the whole house needed to be hydro jetted. (At $700 per vent X 5 vents. Ugh!) I rented one, but it wouldn't go around the 90 degree bends in my inch and a half pipe.

        So, I have ordered a K-400AF with 3/8" cable and cutters. I'll see how it does and go from there. As for experience, you are right. But, I am learning. I can afford to spend a lot and gain experience for the long term and still come in less than $3500, I think.

        Thanks again for the good advice.



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          At $700.00 per vent I'll drive out there and do it for you. Time to find an honest plumber.

          phoebe it is