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to thread stainless steel pipe

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  • to thread stainless steel pipe

    I need thread 1" stainless steel pipe with ridgid machine 535 but I cannot find the dies for this kind the pipe here in Trinidad and I have no time for request from america. What I can do, please help me.

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    If you are in that much of a rush, and if you only need to thread a few pieces, check your local tool and die maker or machine shop.

    Other than that, without the proper dies for the machine, there is no other way.

    I would try the dies from the hand (manual) threader. I assume that this wont work but when u are desperate, you have to try anything.

    Good luck.


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      The stainless steel dies would be the best choice but in a bind you can use High Speed dies catalog number 47770(NPT 1-2".) Do not attempt to use Alloy dies as they will wear out after several cuts.
      Ridgid makes a special oil for threading stainless steel pipe that will perform better than standard Nuclear oil.
      Hope this helps.


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        i knew a guy that uses alloy dies with stainless steel oil. and according to him it works for a short period..