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  • pulling threads

    I have a set of 12R dies as well as a 300 power threader, I am having a problem with cutting threads on rigid conduit, the threads keeps pulling off what am I doin wrong??

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    There are a number of things that can cause poor thread quality. The oil, the condition of the dies and die head as well as the pipe itself can all be a suspect. Initially there are a few things that I would suggest looking into to hopefully solve this problem. First I would try threading pipe made of some different material in order to eliminate the pipe as the problem. Next I would take a look at the condition of the oil making sure that it is clean and free of debris. I would then look at the condition of the die head as well as the dies. Make sure that the dies are set properly in the head. This procedure is listed on the back of every set of replacement dies we sell. If this is not readily available, contact our technical service department at 1800-519-3456 and they can step you through the process as well as offer some more suggestions on correcting the problem.