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    I just leased a commercial garage space without a bathroom. This space is connected to a larger office/warehouse multi tenant building.

    I have water in the space but no drain.
    I would like to add a bathroom but the nearest drain is 100' away and 15'-20' higher than my floor.

    Is it against code if I add a holding tank inside, on the floor and build a bathroom above it. This tank would have a connection outside, through the wall so it can be pumped out by a septic company.

    Or is my only option to put a holding tank in the floor and pump the sewage through a forced main to the drain 100' away.

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    tkb, it is better to pump the line 100' to the gravity sewer.
    the real issue is trying to get a building and safety permit from your city. it sounds like you might have a tuff go to get the city to allow a bathroom, living quarters in this building.
    better to ask before you get started.


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      You should be able to get a permit if you have a competent plumbing contractor install a sewage ejector system. The length of run and height of sewer you spec'd should allow for a very basic system without much headache.

      Septic and aeration systems are often not allowed in populated areas. A holding tank to be pumped will cost you a fortune even if it would be allowed. People use far more water than they realize.
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        plumber is once again correct. I use to set portable office buildings for businesses which had fires destroy their offices. Even a simple four person trailer cost over $800 per month to pump back in the 80s.

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          Lease spaces were designed for tenants to lease space and designed to acommidate there own lay out. If you have water and no sewer that sound's to me like a property management issue, not your's. Maybee you're situation is different and so be it. First I would ask my property manager were my sanitary sewer was located and if he replies the same as you're report, have him or her pay for the extention or sewage ingection pump to acomidate youre needs. 2)If you were told that a bathroom was out of the question when you moved in than I can't help, other than ask if you can move to another space, better siuted for you're needs. If youre asking me and the rest of these guy's how to plumb somthing without the blue print's.......Yea we could probably do it and probably be more succesfull than any engineer (and yes I challange any Eng. that want's to Ques.this board!), but get youre fact's straight, check with youre local permiting office and pump or no pump we will be happy to help.


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            By your profile, I see you are an electrical contractor, so I assume you are using it for business purposes. I'm not framiliar with MA codes, but in California it would require a toilet room (ADA approved) to be leased, unless there would be no human occupancy (such as a horse stable).

            Sewage ejector systems are expensive. I would suggest looking into your local codes, and if a toilet room is required, demand that the property owner provide one or cancel the lease. Spending your money to bring his building up to code does not seem wise.

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              Thanks for the responses.

              I knew it did not have a bathroom or drain line when I leased the space.
              It was leased for storage only.
              I got it real cheap.

              Now that I am in the space, I am thinking about my options so I might stay longer. (I only signed for a year because of no bathroom)
              I would like to set up an office and use it for storage someday. Right now my office is at home and the shop is for storage and parking the vans inside.

              Right now it is just an inconvenience but if I stay and my business grows enough it will be a necessity.

              I like the space. It’s not one of those commercial condos with a bunch of tenants and a traffic jam in the parking lot.

              I leased the garage 1700 sq/ft with 3 OH doors. Two of the doors line up so you could drive straight through. Nice with my small trailer. (I’m not the best at backing it up)
              14’ to the bottom of the steel joists.
              There is a mezzanine over most of the space that’s not part of my lease yet, that would be perfect for offices and bathrooms. It even has doors so you could fork lift something from the shop to the mezzanine.

              It's in a good location with a good tenant in the main building with lots of security cameras.

              I don’t intend to do this myself, I would use a licensed plumber. Sounds like its time to get some quotes and talk to the landlord about footing some of the cost. That is if they want me for more than a year. The rent would likely go up since the use of the space will change. Wouldn’t be storage only anymore. I may be looking for another space next year though.

              I might just get a porta potty in the meantime. It wouldn’t be near anyone else and wouldn’t be seen from the street. Sounds like this could be a long process. Permits, landlord quotes, other tenant, quotes, MONEY

              Thanks again guys,
              Sorry for rambling