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Washer Lint trap needed?

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    I don't have the filtrol 160 in front me but I'd guess it's superior to any metal mesh sock filter even a low mesh commercial, or a pantyhose as AT wrote or stocking filter I think would be superior. I could see all this (synthetic) lint accumulating over time gumming up the works.

    The Fitrol unit clearly is sorely lacking in style points however it is designed to filter lint so they get points for function over style and you can count on Cactusman as a satisfied customer.


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      Thanks, I'll take a closer look at the filtrol160.

      I got to be honest though, I prefer the idea of something that sits in my utility tub as opposed to something that might spill on the floor.
      The other thing I didn't like is the check value cactusman had to add to get it to work.
      We've got a new washer comming in a week or so. I will decide before it arrives.

      With the vast number of plumbers and drain cleaners on this forum, I was expecting a more emphatic consensus on wither or not to add the filtering sock.

      From what I gather, It sounds like it's best to use some lint filter regardless of how it's plumbed or where it ultimately drains to.


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        Yep, do the mesh filter and you can think it over a beer !

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        It may take several beers

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      Originally posted by johncameron View Post
      Perhaps if I used a wye instead of a tee it'd help direct most of the flow down the riser sock until it gets clogged?

      I'm starting to think like a plumber eh?
      Looks like another clever Monkey award going out tomorrow ! When I come out ill bring My Hockey Gear .
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Sound good. Bring your gear but my pond doesn't freeze over until November.

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      oh krap !
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        After some research I've found that Yes, the drain pit can and does clog up from lint after a while.

        I don't feel like digging up my drain field so I'm definitely going to add some sort of filter.

        The filtrol160 is $150 and I have this condition where I dont like to part with money.

        I will come up with some sort of McGiver alternative.


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          Some kind of barbed adaptor to go into the discharge hose, a stainless hose clamp and your choice of filtration mesh.

          We have 6" 1000 micron bag filters that are used in a similar arrangement and will turn our India ink fire sprinkler discharge water into a light grey water. We do this to keep from fouling up customers property and to avoid issues with the city.

          We use the same arrangement to filter cutting oil. It removes all the metal fines, dirt and leaves the oil like new.


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            I cant believe no one mentioned the mistake I made in my sketched up idea!

            It would only work if the secondary drain hose was lower than the drain hose in the wall box.
            Otherwise it would leak because water will find its level.

            New plan:
            Cut hole in wall.
            Move the utility tub drain to the lower portion of the riser pipe in wall going to the drain field.
            Put washer drain in tub with filter sock. (Doesn't need to be as fine as 1000um)
            Cap old septic drain.


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              Well it had me scratching my head a little. Generally it's good practice to label a rendering as either a drawing "for coordination" that way all interested parties can have some input before final design. Final design renderings are labeled "for construction". I didn't notice either label on the design so I figured you were taking artistic liberties.

              i may have had to much bourbon tonight and I may be a little delirious


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                They make simlar inline leaf filters for pool vacs. Not a fine mesh, but should work for it's intentions.

                Out here, I rarely see washers draining into the laundry sink. But when I do, they typically have a lint sock or mesh.

                99% of the installations go directly into the 2" standpipe without a filter. But also 99+% go to a public sewer.

                Snaking a laundry typically is also connected to the same 2" kitchen line. The 2 worst fixtures in the house.

                So if you're worried about lint into your private disposal pit, then you should add a large capacity filter.

                Look into an inline pool vacuum leaf filter. Should be able to band the 1.5" hose ports to fit a laundry hose.

                phoebe it is


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                  Thanks for your suggestions but I think I'm just going to move the tub drain.

                  Utility tubs (sinks) are designed to hold the capacity of a washer load if the drain was to clog up. That's a great safety feature.

                  Secondly, The filter sock can easily be seen in the tub so It's obvious when it needs replacing.

                  Thirdly, replumbing drain will only cost me about $25 in parts.

                  Fourth, I can use solvents in my tub (cleaning paint brushes) without screwing up my septic field.


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                    J C , You need this Watts Washing Machine Leak Detector Amazon $203.95 Watts A2C-iNTELLIFLOW m1 . A FEW drops of water under the washer, Water is shut off in a snap. Just go with the sock N sleep like a Baby. Sully
                    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                      Thats cool but saving $200 is even better.

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                    Thank you all for coments and details. I have a stack set drain into standpipe city sewer system. Started backing up when I started using mesh lint sock
                    on the drainpipe. Have since stopped using lint sock and use Zep enzyme drain care into drain after each wash abt every 2 weeks. Thought I was going nuts and 2 plumbing calls.