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Rookie Needs help with Shower Drain

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  • Rookie Needs help with Shower Drain

    Hi. I am a novice. I have a full shower with a draining problem. In the past, I have remove the grate and used a hanger to clean it out. This time my hanger does not work. I have tried chemicals and that has no effect. I have the K-Spin hand snake and I cannot find the direction of the pipe. It goes down about 8-10 inches and spots. I feel around with the hangar to see if its going left, right, up, or down. Doesn't appear to go anywhere. Like a Dead-end. Is there a trap or something? Like I said. I don't know what I'm doing. Any suggestions?

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    I would suggest that you use a piece of rod or something a little stiffer to investigate this drain. I would try feeling my way along the sides of the drain in hopes of finding an opening that enters from one of the sides. Be careful that you are in the correct size drain when using your K-Spin the maximum capacity of that tool is 1-1/2". I hope this is of some4 assistance


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      Not wishing to sound provocative, but you need to call a reputable Plumber. Your problem will then be taken care of.


      Jim Williams