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Excessively large pilot flames in hot water heaters in hot climates

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  • Excessively large pilot flames in hot water heaters in hot climates

    It seems that newer gas hot water heaters have excessively high pilot flames. In summer here in Phoenix the pilot alone will run water temperatures to near the point where the emergency valve pops. If I left the house for any amount of time, thus not adding cooler water to the heater to replace useage, that I believe would certainly happen.

    So why are newer pilot running so hot? My previous heaters did not run temperatures to near boiling with just the pilot running in summer.

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    Most likely it's not a larger pilot, but a better insulated heater keeping things warm.

    Out here with the fvir heaters, it's almost impossible to see the pilot through the glass peep hole.

    phoebe it is


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      Can you adjust pilot light a lower level? (I adjusted our's smaller.) Maybe bigger because it would less likely be blown out.
      I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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        I highly doubt it?s the temp causing it to pop off! What?s your water temp? More likely it?s pressure! What the home psi after the prv? And are your protected from thermal expansion? If so what did you charge the expansion tank too?


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          Editing a comment
          I agree, could be a faulty PRV, safety valve, expansion tank all that and a more efficient heater.