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Drain snake stuck in bathtub

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  • Drain snake stuck in bathtub

    Hey guys! I?m new to this forum and a little embarrassed to be here but here I am.

    Bathtub drain has has drained slowly for months, tonight my boyfriend and I picked up a cheap hand-auger from Walmart. I know, I know. Long story short he was excited to give it a go, didn?t look up proper way to do it, stuck it into the actual drain instead of removing the overflow cover and now it is stuck. It is at a point where we can still push it deeper into the pipe but cannot pull it out. For example: we can push it in 6 more inches and pull it back those same six inches but cannot pull it back from there. I work for a plumbing company ironically enough but do not want to ask anyone as I know theyll say to book a call for my house and I know what we charge. Any advice or tips before we have to spend x amount of money to cut into the wall, fix the mess, etc?

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    First thing is to dump a quart of dishwashing soap down the drain if it's actually draining. This might help lube the line and help with pulling it out.

    How much cable was run Into the drain?

    My suggestion is to cut the cable approx 6" from the drain. Connect it to a very slow variable speed drill. Slowly try to reverse it out. Running the drill in forward and reverse if necessary.

    But be aware the cable might unwind and then break. It's a chance you need to take. Slow and keep the slack out of the cable to prevent knoting.

    Yes, running from the drain was wrong. Did you remove the overflow and if installed the trip lever with stopper?

    The bigger issues was not the wrong drain opening, but the cheap cable you bought.

    good luck .

    phoebe it is


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      first floor? second floor?

      if you have access to the trap, open it an LOOK before you do the drill thing. it may be stick inside of a drum trap all wadded up.

      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder