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I need sump pump recommendation. PLEASE :)

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  • I need sump pump recommendation. PLEASE :)

    Hi guys, I live in Gatineau, Quebec (Canada). I got flooded around this time last year and came very close to flood again 4 months ago. That day there as over 3 inches of rain and at one point I had 3 pumps (using 3 different pipe to get the water out) in my pit to keep up with the water coming in. There was no accumulation of water anywhere around the house and still could barely keep up with the water coming in.

    Since then I did a few modifications, my sump pit hole is now 7" deeper and I also removed 100' of 2" ABS pipe and installed a 4" PVC (as seen on the first picture) so the pump doesn't have to work as hard to get the water out.

    The two pump I use is :
    1-Simer model 3963 (sewage pump) with a flow of 5400 GPH at 10' lift
    2-Flotec Model FPZT7300 Submersible high output sump pump with a flow of 4140 GPH at 10' Lift

    Sump pit size : 17.5 x 17.5 x 24
    Basement size : 1600 square foot
    Pump discharge size : 2"
    Pipe length to point of discharge : 25' horizontal and 10' vertical and it discharge in a 4" PVC pipe
    Type of pipe : PVC
    Check valve : 1
    90degree elbows : 8

    I am looking for suggestions, I was looking to replace my sump pump with something like the Goulds WS_B 3886 (185 GPM), I like this one mainly for the high output and the continuous operation design. My pumps could go for a couple days without a break.

    Thank you very much !

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    I would recommend that you have a CCTV inspection of your sewer lateral (pipe from your house to the street) undertaken. There may be issues with this pipe which are contributing. Hire a good plumber (Protective Plumbing Canada work in your area in flooded homes and are excellent (no affiliation with me). Also, be sure to have battery, or even external diesel gen backup on your pumps. Barbara the Engineer.


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      Thank you Barbara, right now I have some water in the pit and it look like it's the water table since it's below drain level. I think it might be a water table problem ? Would you still suggess I get my drains inspected anyway ?


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        High water table is a possibility. A couple KM east of me there was a housing subdivision built in a former swampy area and they always have sump pumps running due to the poor soil conditions.


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          Most of the year my sump pit is dry. I usually have water for about a week in the fall and a week in the spring.

          Before I dig my sump pit to get the pumps deeper the pump would start about at about 2 inches from the top. Now it's going to start way faster, hopefully it helps.


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            We seldom have to install sump pumps but we do use quite a bit of maintenance pumps from Grundfos and don't recall any issues with them, I've never had to replace a Grundfos pressure maintenance pump.

            They have a number of pump configurations for effluent, sumps etc. The performance data is similar to the pumps you've listed.

            Are you able to grade the soil around your home to the rainwater is directed further away from your home? Can you extend your gutter drainage further out?
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