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Relief valve?

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  • Relief valve?

    I'm a retired plumber and more specifically worked with natural gas installations and repairs. My neighbor has a pool heater thats been in service for over 10 years. He recently had some work done on his property which required a town inspection. While there, the inspector took a look at the pool heater and said it was missing a relief valve on the gas train at the pool heater. The main gas line has a regulator at point of entry just before the meter which reduces high pressure to operating pressure throughout system. It slso serves as a relief valve should anything go wrong. I'm not aware of any releif valve required down stream at pool heater. Does anyone know if this is a code or not?

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    The regulator I'm picturing has a vent, not technically a relief valve.

    The pool heater also has a regulator. Verify he doesn't want it vented outside the cabinet.

    As far as a pressure relief valve goes, never heard of such a request. Where would one even vent it. I think the inspector is mistaken.

    phoebe it is


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      Or the neighbor misunderstood what the inspector was talking about. For someone not fluent in the lingo of the trade that could happen easily, especially if the inspector did not give much detail.

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    Did the inspector write up a report? Why was he poking around in the pool equipment room in the first place?
    I recommend you have your neighbor give the building dept a call and ask for a more complete explanation of the inspector's issue with your pool heater.