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Possible clog in the shower valve

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  • Possible clog in the shower valve

    About a month ago, my hot water started to not last as long as it used to, my water heater is about 9.5 years old, I think its going bad. A few days after I noticed the hot water not lasting as long, while in the shower, I heard a weird noise, like a thump, and the water pressure dropped significantly in the shower. It has never returned. I tested the pressure at the laundry tub, which is the fixture right before the tub in the water line runs, and it was over 60 psi. I then replaced the shower head, cartridge, and spout/diverter, and shutoff valves behind the access panel in the other room (the old gate valves started leaking once I shut them off and turned them back on, so I put new ball valves in). Still crappy pressure. I then tried flushing the valve by taking the cartridge out and turning the cold water on, then turning the hot water on. I discovered that the cold water shoots out like a fire hydrant, soaked the entire bathroom, but the hot water does not have as much pressure. Since it is only affecting the shower, I'm guessing that there must be a clog in the line going to the shower, or something is wrong with the valve box itself. Pipes are copper pipes. shower fixtures are delta monitor series 1700. Valve box is delta univeral rough in valve r10000-unbx. I read that the dip tube in the water heater could break up and pieces travel through pipes. could a piece of the dip tube be the culprit? Does anyone have any input or suggestions of what I can do?
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    cut the copper pipe at the shower valve and the shutoff valve. verify the pipe is clear and that water runs as expected to the supply stop where you cut the pipe. Then start poking and prodding the valve body.

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      All that time and money and you still haven?t called a licensed plumber.....
      Which License Would You Like To See?
      c36, LA City, LA County, NITC, P.I.P.E Or PHCC?


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        Are you sure it's just the shower?

        Some of the older heaters had built in check or heat saver nipples in the inlet and outlet nipples. These would get stuck in the partially closed position. Typically the high flow fixtures like tub and showers would be affected most.

        Disconnect the hot outlet from the heater and check for full flow with a flex connector and a bucket or a garden hose to the outside or tub/ shower.

        Also you could try to use air to blow the hot port from your shower back towards the open heater line when you have it disconnected.

        phoebe it is


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        it could also be a loose washer chunk from the old valve, I see that often in faucet replacements, the fix is to reverse flush the faucet, in this case you may not be able to do that because of the balancing cartridge.
        You'd have to cap off the valve without the cartridge, then open the hot line between shower valve and tank (or find a drawoff, hot laundry would do), shut off hot water, pressurize cold and have a bucket at the opened hot line.
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