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    After following and reading from the link you provided:

    " When attached to the valve or a remote meter timer this dome would have a black cable linking it to the gallon wheel on the front panel of the mechanical timer or a wire plugged into the digital timer circuit board."

    Do you have this configuration and is that cable intact? It may have failed thereby not driving the wheel any longer.

    Also, from the description on the link you provided it says:

    Notice the white dot on the outside of the number ring pointing to about 98. This white dot is the set point (98 x?s 100= 9,800 gallons) at which regeneration is cued to begin. The white dot and number wheel will move counter clock wise as water is used and the ?Capacity? triangle points to the number of gallons remaining before regeneration.

    So in your photo are you 275 gallons from a regen cycle as it appears? Or does the wheel not move at all.

    By contrast my water softener regenerates once a week (my controller schedules regenerations by time and does not take consumption into account) using a built-in programmable mechanical timer. Mine is also a couple generations old (late 80s tech) and in need of upgrading, but hasn't failed yet.
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      You can use APEC 5-Stage Water Filter which is consumer favorite when it comes to wiping impurities out of your H2O.
      Click image for larger version

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        It seems like your softener is mostly working fine based on the test strips. The odd taste your wife has noticed could be with some other form of containment. It may be useful to figure out what that green tank is supposed to be doing and whether it is removing whatever it is supposed to be removing or conditioning.

        A more complete analysis of your water at some point is probably good idea.


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          Odd, but I've never seen the wheel of the gallon meter move. Yes, perhaps that black cable or the internal mechanism is shot.
          In spite of this the thing cycles and goes through salt. I don't understand why.


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            Originally posted by Mightyservant View Post
            What was the filter size and type..
            Standard 10"x 2.5 water sediment filter 5 um.