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Tapping in bedroom wall

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  • Tapping in bedroom wall

    I live in a first floor condo. For the past 7 months I have been woken up every night by a tapping noise. It's gotten louder and slowly, very slowly more consistent over the months. It's always in the same place- I hear it high in the wall. I've had two plumbers out and neither one has any idea what is going on- and of course, the sound didn't happen at all when they were here though I played recordings I've made of the sound. The tapping sound varies: it can be once every 30 seconds for up to 45 minutes. Other times it's every 5 seconds, then gets slower until it disappears. I hear it during the day (when I'm home, which is rare) and on and off during the night. There are no AC drain lines or pipes located where I'm hearing the tap, and I hear no water running through any pipes when it happens.

    I've rearranged my bedroom to have my bed further away from the wall. I still can't sleep.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to anything at this point.

    Thanks so much.

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    Two options:

    1. Complain to the property manager, it's outside your condo so the source is from someone else or some portion of a common system in the building.

    2. Move
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      Can you post the audio file?.

      Your description sounds like a ticking noise associated with hot water expansion. As the pipe hears up, it expands. Somewhere up high in your wall, the pipe is rubbing on a strap or construction materials and creating the ticking .

      A plumber or a sound engineer with leak detection equipment should be able to home into the spot of the ticking.

      The pipe if left at a consistent temperature should be stable and not tick anymore.

      When the line cools off or warms up is when the ticking starts.

      Post the audio and it should be a familiar sound for us that have been at this for a while.

      How's the weather in Austin at this time of year? Road trip?

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      • Bob D.
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        I was thinking this too but they said no pipes in the wall in that area of the sound.

        Still, I agree it's still possible as the sound can carry and how can they truly know
        where the pipe is run without opening the ceiling or walls?

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      If no expansion tank , add one. If one ,Drain and recharge with air .Sully

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        Is there another unit above you?


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          I have experienced this way too many times in new construction. It sounds to me like expansion in most likely a vent, usually near the top plate of the wall, when someone is running hot water. It could also be a water heater vent. Both of which are probably tight to a stud and rubbing, causing a ticking noise which can get pretty loud. It can also become worse when the weather is colder. Another likely source could be a hot water line. Especially with plastic piping.


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            I'm going to go with Goblins or the Extraterrestrial beings. Prove me wrong!