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  • Water Pressure Regulator

    Last night we experienced a whistling noise from our plumbing. I adjusted the pressure regulator valve slightly, and the whistling noise went away, but now we have low water pressure. I have tried adjusting the valve one way or the other, and I can't seem to get the water pressure back to where it was. So I wanted to ask, which direction does one turn the screw to increase pressure? Mine turns easiest counter-clockwise - is that increasing pressure?

    Also, if the regulator is defective, can it be repaired, or is it best to replace it? If it needs to be replaced, is it something I can do by myself? I have removed and installed several toilets, two pedestal sinks, and several kitchen faucets, and replaced the flush valves on my toilets, so that's the limit of my plumbing experience. It looks like the regulator is connected by screw-type connections on either end, but I didn't know if this was a job for a do-it-yourselfer or not. Unfortunately, I cannot determine the brand of regulator because the builder painted over it when he was spray painting the garage.

    Any help y'all can provide will be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Well, I bought a new pressure regulator last night with plans of installing it today. Our water pressure was absolutely pitiful. Before installing the new one, I decided to see if I couldn't take apart the old one and see if there was some blockage. I removed the four screws holding the manifold cover in place.

    When I took the manifold off, I noticed that there are TWO nuts holding the adjustment screw. One is the set nut, and the other is located at the top of the manifold, but was hidden from view by the manufacturer's tag.

    The reason I could not adjust the set screw clockwise had something to do with the second nut just above the manifold. When I loosened it, I was able to adjust the set screw clockwise back to (thanks to paint overspray) what I figured was the original setting.

    I then tightened up the nut above the manifold, and then tightened the set nut. I reinstalled the whole thing, and lo and behold, my pressure is back!

    All the minor adjustments I did were, apparently, only REDUCING the pressure in the house. Since I couldn't easily turn the set screw clockwise, I could never increase the pressure. There are no leaks, no whistles, no rattles. All seems to be working well. Thanks!


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      Be careful adjusting your pressure. I used to have polybutylane piping and and a roommate who upped the pressure popping a connector and flooding my entire house. I got rid of the roommate first.