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Is this an IPC compliant DWV configuration?

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  • Is this an IPC compliant DWV configuration?

    This is for a commercial facility in Colorado (International Plumbing Code 2015). I was told by a couple of plumbers on another forum that this would not pass inspection because the mop sink is wet-vented through the hand sink drain. But neither of those plumbers operate under IPC and one stated that it may be permissible under IPC. This is what I'd like to do:

    Click image for larger version

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    I believe this is acceptable under IPC according to Section 911 Common Vent:

    911.1 Individual vent as a common vent.
    An individual vent is permitted to vent two traps or trapped fixtures as a common vent. The traps or trapped fixtures being common vented shall be located on the same floor level.

    911.3 Connection at different levels.
    Where the fixture drains connect at different levels, the vent shall connect as a vertical extension of the vertical drain. The vertical drain pipe connecting the two fixture drains shall be considered to be the vent for the lower fixture drain, and shall be sized in accordance with Table 911.3. The upper fixture shall not be a water closet.​

    Note that there's nothing in this section that restricts common vents to bathroom groups. However, Section 912 Wet Venting does discuss vertical wet vents in the context of bathroom groups without specifying their use outside of bathroom groups. Does that mean a wet vent can ONLY be permitted within a bathroom group? This is not clear to me.

    So is this good or not? If not, I'd appreciate an explanation of why and preferably a code reference.

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    Side note nice Drawing what program did you use? Your set up is Fine Under IPC pipe size between and traps is the key you'll need to go to the book for the sizes on the developed lengths.


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      Best bet is to call the administrative authority / inspector. 2 things that stand out.

      Commercial building and a mop sink is not a bathroom group.

      Check with the them before you start for clarification.

      phoebe it is


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        You don't give pipe sizes. Here's the code. Vertical wet venting. The vertical piping between two consecutive inlet levels shall be considered a wet-vented section. Each wet-vented section shall be not less than one pipe size exceeding the required minimum waste pipe size of the upper fixture or shall be one pipe size exceeding the required minimum pipe size for the sum of the fixture units served by such wet-vented section, whichever is larger, but in no case less than 2 inches (50 mm).


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          It matter not at all if it's residential or commercial. Plumbing is plumbing. There're no codes that separate the two. (that I'm aware of.)