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    Hello. Could someone give me a ballpark price per foot or ballpark whole quote. It's a 360' sewer for a school. Using 8" PVC 360' plus set 2 manholes line starts at 5' deep. Central Alabama area. I'm a master but never qouted anything 8" etc. Help please. Thanks.

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    With the over abundance of info you are providing I'd say 3.25 per foot. Can't quote too cheap you know, you got to leave room for profit.


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      Not enough information. Who's digging the trench? Who's back filling the trench? No fittings? At all? Starting at 5'? No shoring to be done? I'd think you'd need to do that on a State job. 360'? You using a laser device to achieve grade? You'll have to bed it in sand or other mandated material. What about other utilities? Easements. Environmental impact, traffic impact? Wages? Is it prevailing wage? Probably. Insurance? Better increase it. Include all of that. .... $25 a foot. $9,000.00 plus 20% profit $10,800.00.


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        Prices vary geographically. Why don't you do what most do when they want a competitive bid? Get multiple quotes, throw out the low and high numbers and concentrate on the rest. Also, make sure whoever you chose has a track record in running sewer lines.
        In my state, a line such as you describe would fall under the scope of a piping contractor. They have a general engineering license which covers everything involved in the type of job you have.