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Cannot remove shower handle

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  • Cannot remove shower handle

    I think I already might know the answer to this one but I shocked my well and think I clogged my cartridge (no flow of hot water from this faucet only and there is a sink after) Looking to take off the handle to find this. Any clues if that was the set screw or how in the world I remove this? I took out the screw in the middle and it will not budge. Tried vinegar and pb blaster with no luck. Thought it might have been corroded on. Tried a handle puller and it goes too far in then pushed on the cartridge inside and I dented the screw. Any ideas besides a hacksaw? Is that supposed to be a set screw? I have a screw removal set but would like to not have to buy a new handle of not needed. Thanks for any info.

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    get a long bolt that will insert into the threads and stick out 1" beyond the end of the handle. put the handle puller on the base of the handle and the face of the bolt. Apply puller pressure and tap on the handle. It should pull off.

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