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  • Toilet paper

    OK when you install a roll of toilet paper do you do it over..or..under?
    I believe based upon patents over is the preferred way to install it.

    What brands do you prefer to those of us on septic systems?

    It is getting harder to find real toilet paper as their sizes have become smaller and smaller.
    I still use 4"x4" but today there are some 3 1/2" square ugh!

    I use two ply so I can do both sides ha ha ha

    Cactus Man

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    I use Corn Cobs , peeled end first
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      With a Washlet it doesn't matter.


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        Over.... is this a political question?

        Been using Scott for as long as I can remember.... I think my Grandparents even used it, (well there was once the Sears catalog in the out house, or so was the story Grandpa told me, but that was before MY time. Now, I do remember the two-holer outhouse but that too was also before my time, although it was still there when I was a little guy!



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          spam links in post

          we use three-layer toilet paper by zewa. And yes, we install it over always

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          Over. Anyone with half a brain knows it is always over!


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            Anybody else remember the colored toilet paper that was sold years ago.


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              So this is what the Rigid Tool Forum is for? Ok whatever. I guess you have to have someway to amuse yourself while holding on for eternity on the lousy Rigid so called "customer service" line. This is a joke. I think Im returning anything rigid asap.