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100% blockage

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  • 100% blockage

    Hi guys need some help. Bought this house a year ago. Owner told me there was a cleanout in the yard. After digging a 10 x10 hole I found out there isn't. He now says he rodded after taking off the toilet.
    found a separated pipe and installed a cleanout out.
    rented a drum rodder and got about ten feet in and the motor started smoking.... was still turning fine... he will only rent a spear point. Says cutters tangle the cable when people dont know what they are doing. Taking it back tomorrow but even another machine isnt gonna help with this sludge. House was built in 74 and looks like it was never cleaned.

    should I have it jetted or what's the best way to attack this. My uncle is two hours away and says I can use his cable machine that has sections of cable to attach.

    best way to get this open? Have it jetted or?
    used to do rod jobs with him 20 years ago with the cable section rod... never saw it this bad.

    need help before the wife never comes back. Kids gone 2 days now cuz no shower or toilet...

    35-40 feet to the street. Old guy says its 4 inch pvc all the way but idk hes 81 and sent me on the wild goose chase for the cleanout...
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    That looks easy with that access, it's not like us at 8 foot underground. I'm no expert but I would try my jetter and a bucket vac for the over flow. If not I'd try my k-3800.


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      Looking at your photo of what looks like grease and sludge, you would have a better chance using a gas jetter.

      It will get messy before it gets better.

      phoebe it is