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    Other than the obvious...water rusts stuff....
    I was wondering what else could cause the top and bottom racks of a dishwasher to rust
    and in some cases the vinyl coating to bubble?

    I am using proper detergent and jet dry for the rinse.
    The dishwasher is just about 3 years old and it's an LG high end model.

    The good news..LG stands behind their product and will be shipping
    two now racks a top and bottom....It may take a few weeks but I
    am pleased with their support.

    Cactus Man

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    Hot water, your water chemistry, the detergent you use, or any combination of those can cause this.

    My DW is 11 years old and I just had to replace a couple of the racks that flip up/down for holding plates or bowls. Once the vinyl gets a split in it from sharp objects, age, whatever and the water and detergent gets underneath that's when the damage starts I think. It never gets fully rinsed out and sits there between run cycles and eats away at the metal.

    With my DW being 11 years old I of course can't go back to Maytag and expect them to replace them. I have some rust starting develop and I priced out replacement upper and lower racks not long ago. It would be over $400 to replace both racks. That's half the cost of a new DW so I will just run it until it's no longer functional and get a new DW.

    I figure I have at least 2 years left so that will be over 12 years and I think that's pretty good. WAs a top of the line machine back when we bought it. Super quiet and still cleans very well. Nothing has broke on it except for those two pieces I bought last month other than I did replace the door gasket about 5 years ago. That cost me less than $25 IIRC and I popped it in myself in about 5 minutes.
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      Don't know how good it is, but here in Canada we can get a product like this that is suppose to cover / fix rusting racks.


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        That sounds interesting, but I think it would only help if you caught it early enough before the wire was corroded.

        Looks like TrueValue Hardware carries it here in the US. And also available on Amazon and no doubt elsewhere.
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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          More than likely it was poor metal prep when the racks were coated. Excess soils on the metal surface, or poor coating coverage can lead to coating failure, and once the coating is compromised, the rack will continue to rust. The dish washer is using hot water for its rinse, to aid in reduction of spotting along with the anionic surfactant in the rinse aid, so leftover chemical should be minimal. Of course this depends on the rack design, a poor design could leave pockets or low spots int he welds that hold water. These companies use the lowest bidder job shop to make and coat parts like this, if there are racks you didn't get replaced, you might want to go ahead and get them too while under warranty, because it is most likely they all were made at the same time by the same company.


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            Just to close this topic...
            Today July 13, 2019 UPS delivered the replacement racks.
            I am very pleased with the product support from LG.
            Seven days from initiating the call to receiving the parts....

            Uh...Ridgid LSA folks, did you read that? Can you do a LSA request in 7 days?

            The new racks fit but are slightly different in me it looks like they improved
            the design...

            Time will tell how well they last.
            Thanks for your comments.

            Cactus Man