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  • Sloan Dolphin Flush Valve

    I have a restaurant on Catalina Island and over hear saltwater is used for all toilets on the island.
    The Sloan Dolphin valve is made for salt water and work much better than royal or regal valves.

    I went to replace a Dolphin valve with a "new" spare I had and it's leaking. The valve had never been used but I had it in a warm storeroom for a couple years so maybe that's the problem.

    The valve leaks between the upper and lower housing. I took it apart and found there is no washer or gasket between the housings and it looks like a small "step" in the flex-sack creates the seal.
    But the flex-sack seems to fit properly and I can't figure out if that is whats causing the leak or if the "bottom" of the flex-sack where it joins the seating nut.

    Diagram here:

    Does anyone who is familiar with these valves know whats causing the leak?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    I looked over the parts list and all i see is an o-ring for the seat assy. Is it possible that's the seal for the 2 half's?

    I think a nice Hawaiian large pizza and a pitcher of Root Beer can get it fixed next time I'm there.

    Labor day is over, it should start to quiet down.

    You should know a buddy of mine who use to spend the summer there. Now he only comes for a week during summer.

    phoebe it is


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      That O-ring is below the seat and you can't tell on the diagram but both of those are down below the water inlet, just above where the tailpiece and vacuum breaker attach.

      It's odd because the housings have 2 or 3 "steps" that look like they were made for O-rings or a gasket but only one of them is used for the flex-sack.
      I thought maybe it was missing something but I had another brand new valve and took it apart and it was the same. I put the top housing that has the handle, piston, flex-sack attached into the installed valve body and it worked fine with no leaks.

      I just wanted to be able to rebuild the one that leaks because it's an expensive valve. I guess I should replace everything rubber that is not submerged in the oil reservoir.

      On a side note, been here 25 years and I'm the only restaurant owner with the name Dave. I'm sure your friend knows who I am. I don't do Pizzas but have plenty of root beer and I'm sure I can cook you something you'll like.

      I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me. I have only posted a couple times before but I visit this forum a lot and have received a lot of good tips and advice from all your posts.

      Thanks Rick,


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        It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone yesterday and meeting your friend Steve. He took apart the valve in question and immediately said "your missing something here there must be a o-ring or gasket" I explained that's the same as the other brand new valve that is installed he also thought it was strange that it would rely on the flex=sack to seal everything and ended up giving me the same advice you did on the phone. Try replacing the flex-sack, use some silicone grease on it, etc.

        He also seemed like a really good guy and it was a pleasure meeting him although he didn't have enough time to stay any longer, they had to rush to the boat to head back.

        But I want to say, it was not me who hung up on you!
        Steves wife hung up the phone and I said "Did you just hang up on Rick?" and she said "Yes, he talks to much and we can't miss our boat".

        Somewhere around here I have some replacement parts to rebuild that valve. I'll try replacing the rubber parts and I can connect a hose to it and see if I can get it to stop leaking.

        Thank you for everything you did for me. Not only for having a plumber like Steve make a Saturday service call across the channel but taking the time to talk to me.



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          Michelle is his girlfriend. They did a quick turnaround. 9 am- 2 pm and then off to the Hollywood Bowl.

          They had booked the trip to do the Falconry tour and then were informed it was no longer running this late into the season. Owner gave them a private tour and invited them back next year.

          Did you get my number from Michelle?