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  • This job stinks

    Got a call from a customer complaining of a sewer smell in his basement (unfinished) smelling up his whole house started about 3 days ago. he had the public works dept check it out they tried there safety gas meter nothing there is a laundry in the basement and a pit where the sewer runs to the street all seemed to be intact they suggested camera from the roof vent down, problem 2 story 12 pitch slate roof. I have had these calls before and anything out of the ordinary can be time consuming.

    Has any of you run into this before? i'm thinking maybe a smoke test he is on town sewer with manholes in street, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Scott

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    Check all the obvious things, dry traps and such. Ask about rodents and poison. Found a few dead things
    over the years. If all fails ask how the mother in law is doing.


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      I went to the job site today when I entered the house it smelled like sulfur not a sewer smell I went to the laundry room in the basement and the smell was stronger at that point , there was washer /dryer (gas) a sink and a 40 gal Rheem gas hot water heater I checked the drain lines (ABS) traps and removed a double sweep floor main cleanout before it left the building and had the owner run water everything seemed Ok.

      The gas line in the street was replaced days before is it possible that replacement of the gas line in the street affected the hot water heater somehow because that where the oder was the strongest ?


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        rotten egg smell could be associated with the water heater. Sometimes the anodes interact with the sulfur in the water.


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          Got a call this morning from the homeowner and the oder has diminished completely, the only work performed to eradicate the oder was the town hydro jetted the sewer in the street and found no problem.

          I'm thinking since there was a newly installed street gas line installed at the time of the oder they may be related maybe during the purging process of the street gas line.


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            I'd camera it to see if the sewer line was penetrated by the new gas line