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Would you recommend a Ridgid 54253 Per Crimp kit?

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  • Would you recommend a Ridgid 54253 Per Crimp kit?

    This is my first post on this forum. I am a house flipper, I have been using hand crimpers for Pex for years. My jaws keep falling out of the damn crimpers, and I NEED to upgrade. Yesterday, a fellow rehabber I follow on IG posted this link for a Ridgid 54253 crimp kit for $399 on amazon. It seems like a phenomenal deal, what do you think? Does anyone have any experience with this kit? Would you recommend it?


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      As a house flipper do you get the proper building permits? and inspections????
      Are you a licensed plumber, electrician,carpenter, finish carpenter, painter..????
      Or are you like many others just a hack looking for a fast buck at the cost of the
      unknowing home buyer?

      This is why so many professionals on this forum have quit participating

      cactus Man


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        Yes I follow all proper channels as far as that goes. I take time to make sure everything is done right, and EVERYTHING is inspected. There are plenty of hacks in the area, usually you can tell by the shark bites used everywhere in their flip. Anyways, thanks for you input, and the warm welcome!

        Merry Christmas!


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          Maybe time to go to sharkbites ?