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Bad sewer smell in bathroom in early morning

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  • Bad sewer smell in bathroom in early morning

    I have been fighting a really band sewer smell in my bathroom for about 2 weeks now. And getting frustrated that I can’t find the problem. I have changes the wax seal and also had to put a plastic pipe inside of the toilet drain due to the rim of the pipe was rotted out.

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    from the looks if it I think you found the source of the smell. With the repairs made did the smell go away ?


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      When we put a plastic pipe in side of it due to the lip of the pipe was rotted out some of the smell went away but not don’t smell it all day due to using toilet but in the morning really bad sewer smell when not using toilet due to sleeping. I notice the water level was little low so adjusted the fill valve. Also when the toilet is filling the shut off valve was very loud so fixed that so we will see what it’s like in morning.


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        What did you have to eat the night before?


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          It's possible that the backflow valve on your sewer lateral is stuck, in which case the odor is making its way into your house and bathroom instead of being released outside at the backflow device. Something to check.

          (Note: I'm not a plumber.)