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Can't loosen packing nut for show stem

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  • Can't loosen packing nut for show stem

    I have used a plumber' socket wrench, which with all the torque of trying to loosen, has begun to slip off. I have sprayed with PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench and even WD-40, as well as trying heat and tapping with hammer and screwdriver to no avail. It won't budge. Any other suggestions or tools? Thank you

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    First thing is to make sure the valve is open fully .... and of course the water is shut off.. they make a heavy duty version of " plumbers sockets " that are less likely to round over on a stubborn valve...

    If your not able to get a pipe wrench on it because it's inset into the wall you could try a metric or standard mechanics deep socket with a pipe wrench to break the bond between the brass male /female threaded connection.... and try not to use a hammer you never know how the fixture is attached to the wall could be just bent nails in which I have seen.


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      Forget the packing nut. looks like the packing nut us already out. You need to replace the complete stem.

      Use a normal automotive type of socket. there are times i use an impact wrench to remove stems on widespread faucet so i don't turn the valve body.

      I have a set of gear wrenches that are hollow sockets that will straddle the stem and allow me to use a socket wrench.

      of course turn off the water and open the valve.

      What brand of stem is it?

      phoebe it is


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        that silver stripe at the top tells me that it looks to be soldered in. that's bad.

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder