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Coronavirus, what prevention steps are you taking?

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    Here it's like they don't exist AFTER installation. they want them installed, just don't care if they're maintained or tested.
    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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      We haven't been in the two major grocery stores here in our area (Binghamton, NY) in almost a week, but we had to go yesterday! I was hoping that after almost two weeks of hoarding shoppers and empty shelves we might have seen some dampening down of the greediness. Not the case at all, in fact it was probably worse!

      After watching the Governor's news announcement in the morning, I figured we'd check out a couple of the items we couldn't find last week. At the moment, there are only two confirmed cases of the virus in our county, with 35 tests found negative and another hundred still pending results. So I figured one last trip out might be less risky than waiting until next week. Unfortunately the panic appears to be worse, especially with the 'upscale' shoppers who only go to Wegman's and wouldn't dream of finding themselves in Walmart or Aldi's. Going into Wegman's I immediately noticed the 'front end' where every register was open and the lines were six to eight customer's deep, all jammed up too tightly.

      We avoided that, and went around the sparsely populated end and to the back of the store where I found even less product than the week before. We left and went across the river to Walmart where it was abnormally less busy with more employees than customers. While stocks looked better in some area, things like water, cleaning and paper supplies, boxed cereal, and almost all canned goods were empty. A good supply of artichoke hearts though! (But you can't find fruit, bean's, soup, potato's, pasta, napkins, or any dairy products at all.) Checking in with my friends at Aldi's the manager was frustrated, telling me he can't even begin to keep up. Everyday they get a truck, they are closing earlier to clean and re-stock the shelves, but every morning, before he opens the doors, the parking lot is full and there's a line down the block! (We joked that neither of us thought that most homes and apartments had that much storage area.)

      So, we're home to stay for a couple of weeks at minimum. We normally keep enough food and household supplies for a couple weeks anyway and back in January we started buying a couple of extra 'this and that's' whenever we went out. Right now I think we're probably good for a month. Frankly, I don't mind at all. I've always been more a loner than a social butterfly, don't care much for shopping or restaurants and I have more than enough solitary interests to keep my brain occupied.

      I talked to our son last night, they live in Iowa. He sounded exhausted. He's the Human Resource director at his plant and he worked fourteen hours almost every day these last two weeks. As of yesterday evening only essential people are remaining in the plant, he's now ordered to work from home. One grandson has been sent home from Iowa State and the older grandson has lost his job in a local restaurant. So with two 20-somethings returned home, a wife that can't go shopping, and trying to conduct an 'office' from home, I think it's going to be a bit stressful... along with the rest of the world.

      Let us all hope and pray that this thing tapers it growth quickly!


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        CWS, it consists of 2 check valves and a relief valve which opens if the downstream pressures exceeds the upstream.
        "Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied." Mark Twain


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          Thanks Tim,

          While I NOW know what RP stands for, I'll have to do some reading to understand further. Beyond basic household plumbing, which I helped my Dad install when I was a kid, and a few things I've picked up being a homeowner, I have little understanding beyond that... and I don't like not knowing at least the basics when I see a discussion. ;(


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        Corona is a disaster for me, even if I and no one I know ever get it. They closed the lifts and ended ski season, so all the tourists and second homeowners are gone. They closed the restaurants and bars so that's the other chunk of our business. We went from $12K/wk to $1200/wk overnight. It's also given all the deadbeats I've been trying to collect from a new excuse ("How am I supposed to pay you? I'm not working." The job was done three months ago, deadbeat. How is not working now relevant, other than just giving you a new excuse?). All my techs are at home. I can keep paying them for a month or two depending if we get a little work or none and if I can collect on work we already did. What precautions am I taking? None. Doesn't matter. I and everyone who works for me and all our families are already ****ed whether we get sick or not. If they announce a treatment and a vaccine tomorrow we're still down over $100k for this year. The lifts aren't starting up again and summer won't start for over two months, and when it does it won't be what it should be. That means I'm firing at least one guy or else everybody takes pay cuts. And that is if this ends TOMORROW.
        This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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          Wow. Sounds like you're in a resort town. I worked my first Sunday in a long time today as I normally have Sunday softball. That was 3 weeks ago.

          Lots of calls I'm turning down. Trying to just help out the true emergency calls.

          Good luck. It's hitting most businesses very hard . restaurants.that have never closed are closed. Even shut down the carwash I do a lot of work at.

          Stocks are in the toilet.. you're not alone.. hopefully it's a 2 month forced vacation and then back up to speed.


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        Good day all,

        Question for all that do drain cleaning. Who is still water jetting? With Covid19, water jetting produces ALOT of vapor mist.
        I am usually water jetting my problem buildings starting April.
        I personally feel that just wearing a respirator and face shield would not be enough considering the amount of vapor mist produced when jetting.
        Your thoughts and input is appreciated.


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          Jetting for me is way down. Whacking is the way to go if you can push it out that far.


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        I Have Been a Plumber for over 37 + Years. In San Diego. Doing Residential Plumbing Repair, Including New Construction and Commercial on Hotels and Motels etc.. In The 1980s.

        Staying at HOME. LOL. Well, I guess That is the Best Preventive Medicine. if anything can be called as such. Oh and Practicing Social Distancing when I go to Walmart. for groceries. The Only thing I don't always wear gloves which I have in my van and car. I just try to Rush in and Out. But sometimes feel silly wearing them in the store but may soon start wearing them all the time when going out.

        Unfortunately, my savings are going to only last to the end of April then hopefully get a check from the state WOW that sounds so horrible to me.

        But I visit my Father Often who is going to be 97. So I guess I feel a responsibility to not get the CoronaVirus-19. See My Father worked till he was 75 years old as a Waiter. And He is My Greatest Example, Never smoked or drank well maybe on occasion, Very Polite and Hard Working. And was married almost 70 years. My Mom's passed away.

        I Pray This Passes Soon.

        Practice Peace, Practice LOVE, Practice Random Acts of LOVE and KINDNESS.
        For Whatever You FOCUS on is What YOU Will ATTRACT. Focus ON KINDNESS.

        And I Doubt this will pass soon even if everything started up tomorrow. the Economy is going to ???
        Probably Take Years to Startup.
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