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    I have a blue tint in my water and wonder if by any chance it may be coming from the resin in my water softener. It seems to be most prevalent right after a re-generation cycle. My supple lines are copper, and I have city water. If not from the water softener, any idea on it's source?

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    The cause could be that it's coming from the corrosion of the copper pipe that would give the water a greenish blue tint or cause blue/green stains in your tub/shower.... in order to determine if that's the case you would have to have your water PH tested then take it from there.


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      Do You have a Galvanized fitting connected to a copper fitting anywhere on your water supply plumbing ?
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        Last time I saw blue water was when the customer had and old Fluidmaster 200 (with the bottom refill outlet) and a blue toilet cleanser in the tank. The refill tube had come loose and the tank water was somehow getting back into the supply. I suppose the maintenance people must have had the water off to the building and it back siphoned. This was 2nd floor.
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