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question on gate valves

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  • question on gate valves

    I need to replace my shutoff valve for the water main feeding my house. It is 3/4 inch pipe. What brand of gate valve would you recommend? I want a valve that is going to last and will always shut of completely and not seep. thanks in advance.

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    it has been my experience working in the utility industry that ball valves seem to work better than gate valves, at least on sizes 2 inch and smaller. sometimes i have to touch a customers valve and if its an old gave valve, i may not try to operate it due to gates can get stuck or drop inside the valve then we might be responsible for its replacement.

    we have some old 2 inch gate valves in the water distribution system and if they are 20 years old, theres a chance they will be frozen open and the gate threads will strip out if the valve is attempted to turn.

    side note...with distribution valves we will open completely, then turn them down 1 full turn, this gives us some wiggle room to get the gate moving turning nut/handle left and right, left right. so if you go with a gate valve, consider turning 1 full turn toward close.

    with ball valves, as long as it spends the majority of its life in an open position, the surface of the ball is protected in the side material, but if the ball valve spends much time closed or in a partially closed condition, the ball can get corroded and then will not seal.

    im sure plumbers will weigh in on the topic.
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      ^+1 agree on not using a gate valve, use a quality ball valve. Made in USA
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        I too would use a ball valve so long as the handle is not exposed to the dirt. Ball valves will also seize when you have hard water and cheap valves. It's always good practice to exercise any valve. Including the angle stops under your sinks and toilets.

        ​​​​​​You might be better off installing a threaded Ball valve as soldering can damage the valve interiors if not done properly.

        Most supply house carry 2 styles of valves. Ranging from cheaper/ competitively priced valves to higher priced domestic valves. Big price difference when buying for a large project. Peanuts when buying 1 for the house.

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          Long as there’s room for the handle to swing go ball valve.

          if you have to do a gate valve I strongly suggest you buy a duplicate valve so if you ever have to rebuild it you have the exact valve on hand.