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shower leak on floor

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  • shower leak on floor

    Any ideas what i can do to fix this without tearing out the shower?

    shower drain never backs up, but pipe below it does leak below shower floor and only when taking shower. See pics.

    The drain must be leaking. It gets wet inside that wall and with long showers, it leaks out onto the finished floor.

    Pic 2 is the lower part of that wall you see in the other pic (red box). With that blue plastic wall cover removed.

    wet with every shower where the yellow X is and then gets wet where the black X is with longer showers. shower drain is just a few inches higher and never backs up.

    This shower was installed over 10 years ago and this issue just started happening in the last 8 months. Started shortly after i had the outside sewer line replaced and tenant moved in at same time. maybe coincidence. Maybe previous tenants never took long showers.

    The other day we did run a snake down the shower drain at least 10 feet. that is well into the new sewer line that was replaced about 8 months ago. Its still getting wet as mentioned above after snakeing.


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    Looks like your wall may be leaking.


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      So you have a removable cover to access the shower area? Is it a tiled shower or one of those one piece plastic units?

      I would suggest using a plumbing inspection camera to see what is going on while the shower is running. Understanding the problem is necessary in order to figure out how to fix. It could be the drain but could also be the pan or the wall.


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        it dont leak if shower is on but no body and the associated weight is standing on the pan.


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          after i remove the foam (and find and fix the leak), how about cutting some blocks to fit below the pan and using block caulking to hold in place?


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            It's obvious you're in over your head. Hire a Professional.


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              I have seen them leak at the flange ... either a gasket or cracked joints .. after so many years of being used the foam underneath gives away causing a leak .. and would make sense it only leaks when there's weight on the pan ... you could test it with the strainer off put a hose just past the flange gasket while standing in it .. They do make 2" shower drains like " wing tite drain " that can be installed from the top of the pan once the old one is removed.


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                pic with grate removed


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                  Missing rubber gasket? But it looks like the pipe is below the lower edge of the keyed drain assembly. What about using underwater rated caulking? Any other options that don't require removal of shower pan?

                  Everything there is 10 years old.


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                    The rubber gasket is underneath the shower pan ... the strainer body screws into the drain body holding it place ... it may or may not be the source of the leak .. in order to determine it a test must be performed.. sealant without disassembly is only a temporary fix.