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Symmons Tempotrol Shower Valve

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  • Symmons Tempotrol Shower Valve

    My question is ... Can you adjust using the temp limit stop screw on the valve to have a constant flow of hot water between 110 and 120 degrees . Why I ask is my wife manages group homes for this state and that temp range is required for showers/tubs .

    One of her individuals placed in a apartment complex of which I have cleaned drains failed inspection ( temp 135 ) and they have the older Symmons Tempotrol shower valves of what I remembered.
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    The answer to my question is yes you can ... Sort of .... After there maintenance man adjusted it down but had no temp gauge to measure it I got volunteered to fix it. I have a infrared thermometer but I thought my meat thermometer would give a more accurate measurement .

    The apartment Bld houses 12 units - 4 units per floor and is heated with a couple gas fired large 100 gal plus hot water heaters that had 1 1/2 " copper outlet lines .. The unit I was in is just above the heaters .. I managed to get it adjusted to a fluctuation of 110 to 116 after about 1 minute of running the valve fully on hot out of the tub spout over the meat thermometer probe which was good enough for the state inspectors eyes but the temp was creeping up slowly.