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HELP! Stuck Shower Valve

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  • HELP! Stuck Shower Valve

    The hot water shower handle is leaking. See pic. Unable to remove the shower valve stem to replace. I am assuming this is a Price Pfister 2 handle shower setup. I have tried the shower valve removal sockets and none fit just right. The only place I can see to even place a socket is right at the front just behind the shower wall. I have tried everything i can think of and it will not budge. Has anyone had experience with this particular type of setup and have any advice? This house was remodeled in early 2000's and this setup was installed but I am unsure of the actual model. Also, do you know if the standard price pfister shower valve replacement is appropriate? I can't seem to find any information relating to this setup. THANK YOU!

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    To identify the maker of the shower stem you need know the number of splines on he broach ( where the handle attaches ) and the length of the stem from where the washer attaches to the broach . These 2 things will determine the maker.

    If it is a Pfister the broach should have 12 points ( splines ) and either a 27/32 " or 31/32" stem socket should be the correct size . You need to attach the socket to the back nut at the valve body ( the nut after the packing nut which should be larger ) with the faucet about halfway open turn it of course counterclockwise ... You might need to get some more leverage with either a pair of pliers or pipe wrench on the socket to break it free.


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      Thank you. There are 12 splines. I do see the back nut on the valve body but it only sticks out a small amount, I am not even sure the socket can sit on it. I will give it a try! Thank you!


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        Wd 40 and a few taps with a pair of channel locks can help too