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    My BIL just moved into a new (to him) house. House has well water and there is no water filter or water treatment system and the water is hard and tastes bad. He asked me about the Nuvo water filter. He say an infomercial on TV. I said I had never heard of them. He said it's a cartridge that gets installed inline and they claimed it takes the place of a salt water softening system. I haven't looked them up online yet but I'm about to do that.

    But I'd rather hear from you guys and first hand experiences.

    So wondering if anyone here can shed some light on these filters.

    Snake oil or real?
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    My understanding of the " no salt " Nuvo water treatment is they use citric acid to prevent hard water from forming / scaling on fixtures or the inside of water lines but does not reduce the actual grains as hard water is measured in the water system as opposed to a traditional salt water softener that flushes them out in cycles.

    Here's a blog that explains the pros and more cons about salt free water treatment systems.


    • Bob D.
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      Thanks, I will review that site and let him know. He is not much for searching the web. I can't even get him to answer a text message. I think a water test should be his first step. He doesn't have thousands to pour into an expensive water treatment system.

    • AverageHomeowner
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      Agreed, start with a water test. That way he knows what he needs to filter for. Depending on what's lurking in his well water, the solution may be different.

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    I don't have first hand experience but I would say snake oil. I believe the only proven technique for softening water are salt based systems using ion exchange.

    If they are willing to offer money back then I would say maybe go for it, have it installed and then test water hardness using strips. If the water has not became soft then there's your answer.

    Alternatively ask if they have a demo system where he can test water going in is hard and coming out is soft and he can test with his own hardness strips.