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Insinkerator Pro77-7 leak - water is seeping up at the bottom of the flange.

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  • Insinkerator Pro77-7 leak - water is seeping up at the bottom of the flange.

    If I run the faucet there is no leaks. If I pour a container of water in the sink then the water seeps up at the joint between the flange and the top of the Garbage Disposal. Prior to remodeling, the unit did not leak and it is a work horse so I was planning to keep it until this leak showed up. When I reinstalled it I changed out the gasket at the top and installed an elongated flange as the Ruvati sink we purchased has a deep basket. We just renovated and while the unit is 18 years old, I was going to keep it but I keep reading that it may not be salvageable. I have read threads in which leaks at the bottom of the sink and the bottom of the unit are addressed but not for this leak. Is the unit toast or what is a possible fix? THanks.

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    My guess is that the mounting bracket that attaches to the flange is not seated properly .... check to make sure all three tabs have mounted to the flange .. if so try tapping the mounting bracket I believe clockwise to compress the lower flange gasket tighter.

    A lot of times especially with heavy disposals it's hard to hold with one hand and spin the mounting bracket onto the flange ... That's when a scissor jack comes in handy to hold it in place. Good Luck


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      drainman scott is correct. Only 2 of the 3 tabs are engaged (common mistake by rookies) or its's not fully locked. Should feel it "snap" when locked clockwise. This is what I use. 70+ installs and a life (and time) saver.
      Keeney’s Plumber’s Third Hand is a garbage disposal installation and removal support tool to make your life easier. It allows both of your hands to be free to complete the installation by using the weight


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        I used to use my scissors jack from my truck until I found this device. Works like the Keeny third hand but is all metal and half the price.


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          Nice, in a pinch you could probably rig up your own for a one off job but at this low price if you are removing disposals even occasionally it wouldn't hurt to have one in your bucket so you're ready. Nice and compact and time is money so anything that saves your back AND saves time sounds like a winner to me.