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Leaking Kitchen Faucet

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  • Leaking Kitchen Faucet

    My kitchen faucet has a slow drip that is intermittent. Attached is a photo of the underside of the faucet where the hoses are connected to the two handles.

    The drip is coming from the middle of the faucet where the spout is (indicated by arrow in photo).

    I have a countertop water filter connected to this faucet. It has an on/off switch at the end of the spout that directs water to the filter when you want to fill up your glass. I wonder if the backpressure it creates has anything to do with the leak?

    Not sure if this is a simple repair job with a new washer, or if I need to replace the entire faucet. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    I checked the diagram. American Standard makes a spout seal kit (2 o-rings and 1 plastic washer). I'll start with that.


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      Is it leaking from the center when the faucet is on? Hot, cold or both? Is it a single handle or 3 handle? Is the faucet leaking from up top then running beneath?

      easiest solution is to change the whole faucet. It may come to that anyway.


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        It's a two handle faucet. I did not have time to test those scenarios because the leak is intermittent and I wanted to try to get it fixed sooner than later.

        This weekend I replaced the seals and washer at the base of the spout. If the leak happens again, I will check more carefully to try and determine the conditions when it occurs.

        I've been keeping this faucet working over the years with replacement parts which are inexpensive and easy to install. When the replacement parts no longer solve the problems, then I'll replace the entire unit.


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          Update: It's been several weeks since replacing the faucet seals using "American Standard M962288-0070A Spout Seal Kit", only $3.35 on Amazon. No leaking and another lifespan extension for this old faucet!