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Horizontal diretional drilling services

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  • Horizontal diretional drilling services

    I noticed a company in the neighborhood doing directional drilling to run fiber optics cables for AT&T.

    Can the same sort of service be used to drill a horizontal path say 16" below grade across 40 feet in order to run a 3/4" copper tubing across?

    I have old galvanized water supply piping from the 1950s that's living on borrowed time. However, the front yard has a stamped concrete driveway over the existing pipe. To avoid having to cut 40' across the concrete driveway I wonder if I can hire a horizontal drilling service company to bore a horizontal hole under the driveway at a depth of 16" then pull a pipe through?

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    I don't see why not. I would first try calling some lawn sprinkler installation companies as they may do it or refer you to one of their subs who will do it for lesser hourly rate than the companies that work for the utilities that come out with the bigger HD rigs.

    Being from the Great White North in Canada I can't wrap my head around such a shallow depth for water supply line as we are a lot deeper due to the frost line.


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      And me being half way roughly between the two of you has a 36" frost line.

      Go figure. :-)
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