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Backflow testing bleed-off valve options

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  • Backflow testing bleed-off valve options

    I am getting into backflow testing. I need a needle bleed-off valve for my test kit.

    Is there a reason to buy one manufacturers bleed-off valve over anothers? Is one more durable, easier to use, etc? They run $35-$85 if I buy one.


    Should I just make one up myself?

    Pics of a generic, midwest and Conbraco bleed off valves are attached.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    Isn't this part of the test rig? I currently have the Watts TK-99e and in the past used the TK-99D. I have not needed an additional valve to perform testing.

    I sold the TK-99D a couple years ago.

    I should probably sell the TK-99e as I have not used it in 2 years.
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      No, unfortunately they don't. I called the test kit manufacturer.

      Where you live determines the backflow prevention testing standard. USC testing standard requires a needle bleed off valve. Other jurisdictions do not follow the USC standard. So no needle bleed off valve is necessary.