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    what is the proper way to set new dies in the head?
    a few years back, I used to lay the 811a die head on the ground line up the cutters, push all of them tward center, then carefully place the cover back on and tighten it down, but the numbers never lined up correctly and we had to use another piece of pipe to chase the cutters into the correct pattern,
    What is the correct way for putting in new cutters?

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    the 811a is an adjustable cutter. are you referring to putting in the dies? or are you referring to adjusting the threader to cut the proper depth? the dies are numbered 1 - 4 and the head is also numbered to match. loosening the adjusting bolt the whole way will allow you to move the die head enough to remove or install the dies. the basic setting will get you real close to the right thread. at this point you can fine tune for the proper depth. typically 2.5 turns by hand are correct. too deep and the pipe will bottom out in the fitting and still be loose. to tight and you'll only catch a few threads.

    hope this answered your question.