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Tankless - Best way to mount/install Rheem 7"-off the concrete wall?

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  • Tankless - Best way to mount/install Rheem 7"-off the concrete wall?

    Looking for best suggestions/solutions to mount an 84lb Rheem 9.5gpm tankless to poured-concrete basement wall that has a 4" cast-iron sewer pipe inconveniently running right thru the middle of that wall.

    Reason for THIS location:
    It would minimize water usage (removing 17' run of 3/4" copper pipe = 0.39gal volume from original hot water-heater location) and also minimize delay to hot water reaching kitchen faucet directly above and main shower/bathroom on 2nd floor. (Do not want to use a circ pump)

    I have the space to install Rheem below the sewer pipe but the valves/shutoff would be just 6" above the floor.

    My solutions (but looking for better/more experienced eyes that have seen everything):

    1 I install two rows of 2" angle-iron horizontally into concrete wall to use as a LEDGE to brace the install of two 20" lengths of 4x4. Then mate ANOTHER 4x4 to build-that-out to achieve my 7" wall-offset
    2 I install two columns of shelving supports and two brackets to "rest" the unit. (I'd still secure it from behind to eliminate vibration)

    Visited BigBox where I noticed 1" perforated square-steel tubing to build a box to Rheem dimensions with a 7" depth. I was sure that would be better... Then
    Saw heavy angle brackets which were stronger than the 1" tubing.
    I purchased 4.
    I mounted angles w/5 x 3/8" x 3.75" wedge anchors on the upper "shelf" and attached the Rheem brackets to 4x4's.
    Image of upper row (I originally used tapcops but one of them snapped during install. I was asking too much of them)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	TanklessHanger.WedgeAnchors.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.20 MB ID:	748301
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