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Portion of Snake Discovered in Main Line

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  • Portion of Snake Discovered in Main Line

    Hello all. My house was built in the 50’s and I’ve lived here 13 years. About once a year, the back shower and toilet would not drain and would have to have main line snaked to clear it. 2 weeks ago, after clearing the line, a camera was used and discovered there is a broken snake about 30 feet in from the clean out. I don’t know how long the broken piece is. But it seems that is the cause of the regular stoppage.

    Plumber said the 4 inch line had to be exposed under my raised foundation, cut open, remove the old snake, and then repair the line.

    The dude didn’t discuss any other options. Is it pretty common to do broken snake retrieval by using another snake with a special attachment? And approximately how much would this cost?

    Thanks for any input

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    Both Ideas have merit. Without see it I wonder if there is a hole in your pipe that the original snake got stuck in. Has to be a reason the other snake got stuck and broke.