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    We are in the final steps of getting ny mother in laws house on the market. Last week we had about a 1 and a half inch rainfall while we we’re here. There is a sump pump in the basement and a small hole that drains into it. There is also an old sink in the upper part of the basement with a drain. This sink drain has never had any issues with water coming up during the entire 50 years my wife’s family lived here. By the time we saw the water from both places coming in we we’re behind the 8 ball. We ended up with three individual pumps running and us pushing it to the largest pump for hours. I ended up pushing it for 42 of 48 hours. We hired a local plumber to snake the line. He got 145 feet and hit a wall. He did bring up some roots. What stunned him was all the pea gravel. He wasn’t sure if both drains tied in together. Their is a drain running straight out of the first home I mentioned. There is also a 6” drain roughly 150 feet from the house that runs in the creek. The plumber didn’t think it needed snaked. Well he was wrong. I dug the clamps up and got the extension and the smaller plastic piece that points down to the creek off. I pulled out all the roots and the back pressure from the buildup blew my hand out of the drain. So it is now clean. Fast forward to today we are still getting water in the one spot in the basement with the pump. Nothing is coming up the bew spot. The water is coming out good by the creek even though we have no rain for days. The water is clear like there is a new spring underground. My wife called our city manager and he came down. He told her that across the road which is national road 40 he personally dug on three separate occasions he did some digging to repair old lines. He told her when he put the line together there was water running under the line. My mother in law is a low spot on 40. The plumber had no idea what all the drains go to or if anything gors together or not. The house is well over 100 years old. He recommended a backhoe to dig basically the entire side yard up to see what is what. We will do that if necessary. However if there is a simplier/cheaper fix we would like to do that. She is in an assisted living facility and could use the proceeds of the sale. I am typing on s phone, so I hope I didn't ramble on. I know I misspelled words dye to fat fingers. This may not be enough to go on but it baffled a 30 plus year plumber so you know we are. We are to get a decent rain overnight. This may make it come in the newer spot. Just not sure. By the way the two holes where the drains are, are about 15-20 feet apart. I would appreciate any advice and if you live near Cambridge City Indiana let us know.