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Need critique on residential plumbing layout

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  • Need critique on residential plumbing layout


    I would really value a critique from a seasoned professional on my residential remodel plumbing layout. I just want to make sure I'm getting this right.

    Below is my best stab at the first (west) side layout for my re-plumb (replacing Kitek). I've tried to balance fixtures and line sizes, and reduce stagnation, manage temperatures, etc. There will be a few funny things due to radiant ceiling, etc and the remodel history of the home, that I won't go into now (just ask). I'm sure I have messed up a few things.

    This section shows 2.5 baths, kitchen, laundry. All plumbing is in the midfloor, with Red fixtures upstairs, Pink fixtures downstairs. Unless indicated otherwise, all plumbing is copper press, type L.

    Many, many, many thanks!

    Image, here: