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How accurate are Ridgid pipe location devices?

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  • How accurate are Ridgid pipe location devices?

    I have a question about pipe location technology.

    I am planning to replace a wood fence that is seven feet away (three feet inside the property line) from the house running along the side of the house in a north-south direction. The fence is about 60 feet long.

    I also have a 4" PVC sewer drain exiting the side of the house, and somewhere between house and the property line, the pipe runs also north south, parallel to the fence for about 60' before it exits and connects to the city sewers.

    I want to know how close the pipe is to the fence, and whether I need to worry about hitting the pipes by digging down 30" to set new posts. I am hoping the pipe do not run right under the fence (the old fence was installed long AFTER the pipe was laid, most likely by a previous owner who does not know the pipe is near by).

    I hired a drain cleaning company to come do a camera inspection and pipe location. They used a RIDGID camera with a large gray color coil and fed the camera down via a roof vent which is the last fixture before the pipe exits the house.

    I provided to the drain cleaning tech the location where the pipe exits the house and the depth there (24"). He ran the camera down then he used a device also by RIDGID that has a screen on top and a pointer with two red color tennis ball looking thingie to wave it around. Basically I was hearing beeps as he wave it this way and that. He told me the camera head is about five feet to seven feet around where he was standing, and that is the accuracy he was able to get.

    Is this the best that technology can do?

    Between my house exterior wall to the property line is 10 feet. The fence is 3 feet in from the property line, 7 feet out from the house wall. The 4" drain line runs parallel to the wall and fence, but I have no idea where, it may be outside of the fence, inside of the fence, right under the fence...that's what I was trying to determine. If the accuracy is 5 to 7 feet from where the tech was standing and waving around that scope, then it means the pipe can be anywhere between the house and the property line? Which is what I already know before I even call them.

    So my question is, is there a better machine to be able to pin point things better?

    I think what was being used was a RIDGID seesnake and a Navitrack device.

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    A RIDGID NaviTrack Scout should be within a couple inches locating a RIDGID sonde ( which is located near the camera head ) . What one would do in your situation once located outside and marked insert 5 to 10 ' more of push rod and again mark it and repeat the process giving you a layout of where the drain runs.

    What I would of done .. Once I located the line outside and it being only a few feet deep would of used a probe ( a 4' rod with a t handle ) to locate the rest of the drain pipe.


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      That sounds about right. When you call (its 811 in most of the US) your local one dig dispatch provider out for the free check for any other buried utilities, the locate techs will tell you that there is a 2 foot range of uncertainty from the line they put down and you should hand dig until the line is exposed.