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Bad Pressure Relieve Valve

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  • Bad Pressure Relieve Valve

    Hi All!

    My 2006 home came with a Cash-Acme EB-86 PRV. It's been going out for a while now, and my water pressure is all over the place. The Cash-Acme EB-86 PRV is discontinued. Does anyone know what replacement can be used for this? I'm a total noob, but am wanting to do the work myself to save some $$. I'm just not sure if just any replacement will work, as long as it is the same size? Can anyone help?

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    For those who may come across this same question - I actually got a hold of a rep from Cash-Acme. He said the replacement unit for the EB-86 is the valve model #EB-45.


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      I believe a lot of times when PRVs are discontinued the manufacturer will have a drop in replacement with a different part number. I had a Watts PRV which was discontinued. I wanted an identical replacement as it was a double union and I could simply unscrew the old one out and replace with the new one. Someone on the forum answered my question and gave me the part number. I checked with Watts and it was a drop in replacement.

      So in general it is worth checking with the manufacturer.